The Things They Carried — Interactive Exhibition

Inspired by Tim O’Brien’s book, The Things They Carried, this exhibit serves as a visual companion to illustrate the narrative with fine art and photography, from veterans that lived the stories in the novel.

This interactive site for the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago seeks to allow anyone to access and explore The Things They Carried exhibit and provide a deeper understanding of the experience, sacrifice and historical significance of what these soldiers carried-physically and emotionally- during the Vietnam War.

The Things They Carried Interactive lets visitors investigate our unique collection of artifacts and artwork that connect to the physical and emotional weight that soldiers carried during and after their tours of duty in the Vietnam War. This site will continue to grow through collaborations with Chicago area high school students to include veteran interviews and video responses to the exhibition.

If you are interested in more information on how your school or youth group can participate in this project, please contact our Education and Outreach Coordinator, Christine Bespalec-Davis.


To learn more about The Things They Carried and hear author Tim O’Brien talk about his work twenty years later, click HERE.

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