NVAM After Dark: Social & Fundraiser

NVAM After Dark: Social & Fundraiser

for 2019 NVAM Triennial & Veteran Art Summit

Date: 9/8/2018
Time: 7:00-9:00PM

Come out to meet Amber Hoy, Edgar Gonzelez-Baeza, Carlos Sirah, Yvette Pino, and Kevin Basl the NVAM Curatorial Fellows for the first ever National Veterans Art Museum Triennial and Veteran Art Summit. This is will be the first opportunity to learn a bit about what NVAM has planned for the Triennial and Veteran Art Summit, and how you can help make it happen. Refreshments will be provided!

About the NVAM Triennial & Veteran Art Summit
From the Great War through the Global War on Terror veterans have made art about their military experiences that challenges stereotypes, politics, and media portrayals. At its best, such work has driven new creative movements and transformed society. With a focus on the visual, literary, performative and creative practices of veterans, the NVAM Triennial explores a century of war and survival while challenging the perception that war is something only those who have served in the military can comprehend. Throughout history art has provided a frame to create meaning out of the complicated experience of war, seek justice, and imagine reconciliation. The NVAM Triennial draws on this history to connect veteran artists today with the history of veteran creative practices and their impact on society over the past century.

The Veteran Art Summit will bring veteran artists from across the United States together to strengthen the emerging veteran art movement. Exploring what it means to be an artist and a veteran today, attendees will learn from their peers through presentations, workshops, panels, and discussions. The Summit will also offer leadership development programs, job training, and collaborative and networking opportunities.

The NVAM Triennial and Veteran Art Summit is for service members, veterans, military families, and the broader society to reflect upon, and cope with, the experiences, histories, and present realities of war.