VIETNAM - The Defining Moment

VIETNAM - The Defining Moment

Date: 11/10/2017 - 4/28/2018

As a part of the decade-long anniversary marking 50 years since the Vietnam War, NVAM is proud to present its latest exhibition, VIETNAM-The Defining Moment. Featuring artwork created by over 30 Vietnam veterans, this exhibit explores the specific moments that transformed and shaped the lives of the military veterans and those close to them.

The defining moment in life is the point when internal and external forces combine to make fundamental changes in who we are. This transformation reveals our true character and determines the course of our future. Each man and woman touched by the Vietnam War had a defining moment and came home a different person than the one that left. For some it came suddenly, with hot searing pain. For others, it came slowly, with the soul wearying grind of war.

VIETNAM-The Defining Moment artists have captured the nature of these transformations, portraying both their own changes and those they witnessed. The artwork in VIETNAM-The Defining Moment was created over a period of fifty years, some in the heat of battle and some only after years of reflection. The National Veterans Art Museum presents this exhibit on the fiftieth anniversary of 1968, the year America had its defining moment and decided it could no longer support the Vietnam War.

VIETNAM-The Defining Moment is curated by two Vietnam veterans, Jim Moore and MIke Helbing. Of the artwork chosen for the exhibit, Moore states, “We aimed identify moments that were turning points for the subjects of each artwork and examine the role of the veteran artist in capturing either their own defining moments or those of others.” 

Artists in VIETNAM-The Defining Moment include: 

Mike Helbing

John Plunkett

Charlie Shobe

Ray Blackman

Richard Lindsay

Ted Gostas

Ed Rivara

Scott Neistadt

David Smith

Elgin Carver

Leo McStravick

Richard Yohnka

Stephen Ham

Laszlo Kondor

Frank Romeo

Helen White

Jean Watson

Mike Duffy

Bill Dugan

Dale Samuelson

Dean Sharp

Cao Ninh

Farris Parker

Frank Dahmer

Ulysses Marshall

Nick Rizzo

Mike Brostowitz

Clevland Wright

Randall Heidepriem